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Brentwood Vandalism cases spiraling alarmingly

At the town meeting police attended by over three dozen residents held this week, the distressed residents of Brentwood voiced their concern on the rising instances of vandalism including trashing of parks, loitering, and violating curfews. Scuffles between drug peddlers and youth have become quite regular in these areas, which often lead to stabbing and body blows. At the end of the meeting police Chief Mark Evenson ensured the community that vandalism will be cracked. Bike patrols will be introduced to Marsh Creek Regional Trail over the next couple of weeks and constant vigil will be set up to track down the loiterers at the Veterans Park and to monitor illegal skateboarding.

Vandalism cases on the rise in Bloomington!

Vandalism instance have shown a steady surge in Bloomington, giving sleepless nights to the residents and the police force. Many instances of vandalism have been reported in the last few days. Instances like breaking the wind shields of parked cars, scribbling derogatory remarks, deflating car tires and damaging rain guards have been regularly reported by anguished residents. In yet another case of vandalism, a caller reported a strange substance near a bank ATM, which was safely eliminated by the officers.

Enid coping up with the constant problem of vandalism

The Enid Police, which tries to tackle the nagging problem of vandalism, says that it can be curbed only with the active involvement of the community. Lt. Eric Holtzclaw has asked the local community to be more responsible in tackling these issues. The latest incident of vandalism involved the Leonardo's Lunchbox Concession Stand at Adventure Quest, which was damaged apart from causing damage to the security cameras and playground area, causing a total damage of $2,550, which as per the Oklahoma law, can get the vandals jail. The Enid city code also considers vandalism as B class offence though it has not been an effective deterrent in checking vandalism.

Racial vandalism in Idaho

A pick up truck belonging to a Jordanian Muslim has been vandalized with spray painted swastikas and abusive markings with racial overtones to make the sixth hate crime in the Inland North west in the last 6 months. This latest incident of vandalism occurred in a downtown area of the city. The owner of the pick up van, Haitham Joudeh was in downtown in connection with his friend's birthday party and he left behind his black Ford F350 downtown to take a ride back home with his friends. Joudeh who was born in Idaho now fear for his life at this state, which he has always considered his home.

Riverside Elementary School at the receiving end of senseless vandalism

Riverside Elementary School in the town of Ringle at Marathon County has been vandalized five weekends at a stretch. The vandals caused damage to the window glass panes, light fittings, parking signs and flying disc golf rings apart from littering the school grounds. The investigation agencies have requested the public's help to round up the culprits. If anyone has any information about the vandals can call at 1-800-559-4203 and their identity will be held confidential. The informers will also be suitably rewarded.

Security alert at school due to suspicious graffiti

Cumberland: Additional security forces were rushed to the Cumberland High School after being alerted on suspicious graffiti, which also resulted in the cancellation of afternoon and evening activities at the school the day before. Superintendent Donna Morelle said that there were restrictions in carrying pocketbooks and backpacks for the students on Friday and they were asked to bring their school items in a transparent plastic bag. Though the police conducted a thorough search, nothing wary was found. On Monday also the school was evacuated following suspicious graffiti and the classes were dismissed early.

Hate crime graph shoots up in Calgary

Calgary has been witnessing regular incidents of anti-Semitic graffiti and hate crimes. Racist messages and swastikas were seen painted in many locations including the walls of Sundance Elementary School and several Jewish properties, including synagogues and a Holocaust memorial. However, investigators feel that it is not just a case of vandalism but something more complex because in both the cases, damage to synagogues, was involved according to Const. Brian Denison. Meanwhile, the police have released surveillance camera images that depict a man under suspicious conditions in front of the Chabad Lubavitch centre in the Woodbine neighborhood. If convicted the vandals would get 10 years prison term for vandalizing the Jewish properties.

School Funds to enhance School Safety features

Denver, CO: It has been decided that the School Safety Partners will provide 10-25% matching grants and financial consulting to make the schools safer. The newly devised School Safety Fund can be used to improve the overall safety aspects of the school including prevention and preparedness. This city based volunteer group has tied up with the leading tax-credit bond firm and investment bankers of McLiney And Company, specializing in school funding. The funds if utilized properly would ensure a sea change in the safety parameters of schools all over the US.

Juvenile vandalism on the rise

Salem: In yet another shocking instance of juvenile vandalism, three students were caught for vandalizing a Salem apartment complex, and pointing a shot gun at the complainant. The incident took place at an apartment complex in the 3100 block of 7th Place NE, according to Salem Police Lt. Dave Okada. When the complainant tried to face up the students, one of them pulled out a handgun. The police acted on the tip off quickly and rounded off all three suspects from a house in Shangri-La Ave, where they were hiding. A stolen .45 semi-automatic handgun was also recovered from the house. Investigation is progressing.

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  • SHAUN MORRIS, Security Manager Northern Property, Yellowknife, NT

    The Mosquito works great for us, Our problem with panhandlers & homeless people hanging out has dramatically improved since we installed the mosquito.

    We left it on full time during business hours for the first few weeks and after that we were able to turn it off and just use it periodically as needed.

  • Carmen Ramirez, Park Avenue Enterprises LLC, New York, NY

    "It was amazing! Immediately the Mosquito effectively cleared out the loitering teens from the troubled area without hassle or confrontation."

  • Wade Rohloff, Graphic Safety, Hobbs, NM

    "The mosquito worked perfectly last night. I got it hooked up just in time for some kids to show up and make a lot of noise. After I turned it on they began complaining and left shortly thereafter. This thing is amazing."

  • Sarah Ward, PC 1623

    "Regarding the Mosquito apparatus that we have recently been using in our area, this is just a note to say that we have been extremely pleased with it.

    We have also had a positive reaction regarding its use from members of the public. In short, it has been an all-round success."

  • Lincolnshire Police

    "It is still presently sited at an old folks complex and is giving them a long awaited respite from ASB."

    Colin Hill PC 879
    Lincolnshire Police
    ASB Officer - South Holland District Council

  • David Meade, Millennium Place Primary Condominium, Boston, MA

    "The Mosquito has been effective. It has been implemented with other low echelon security measures and the results have been absolutely amazing. If the comparison prior to the mosquito install is made to present, we have seen a 95% to 98% decrease in activity and incidents in the stairwell."

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