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Compound Security Systems Ltd., the inventors of the Mosquito Anti-Vandal device, are pleased to announce the award for the significant contribution in the reduction of anti-Social Behaviour in Merseyside (North West England).

During the last two years, the use of Mosquito devices, both static and mobile, have reduced anti-social behaviour in the area by around 45%, saving the local authority tens of thousands of pounds in vandalism and police time.

Whilst the use of the device still remains controversial, it has been proven by the NHS, RCPCH, and the Belgian Superior Health Council to be perfectly safe.

Si Morris, commercial director of Compound Security Systems said " The product has its opponents, but this award demonstrates that used correctly and with a strict police protocol, the device can save hundreds of thousands of pounds of public funds each year and make a valuable contribution to making certain areas safer for members of the public. We thank Merseyside police for their nomination and their forward thinking attitude".

Merseyside Police Innovations Award 2007

The judging panel consisted of the Chief Constable, Councillor Ron Gould from Merseyside Police Authority and Mark Armstrong Head of Government and Utilities at 02.

The winners were Liverpool South Area. They showcased the mobile 'Mosquito'. Although still in its infancy the mobile mosquito is being piloted to tackle hot spot areas of Anti-Social Behaviour (ASB). After much deliberation the judging panel concluded that the mobile mosquito contributed the most to all aspects of the Total Policing strategic priorities of Total War on crime, Total Care for Victims and Total Professionalism.

The mobile mosquito vehicle had previously been seized by police. It was then equipped with two 'mosquito' alarms and CCTV. A mosquito alarm is a device that emits high frequency sounds that only 'young people can hear'. The vehicle enables the ready use of mosquito alarms in locations that would otherwise be difficult to install such equipment. The vehicle is parked at locations where young people are causing problems and the mosquito is activated to disperse the group.

The alarm is activated and deactivated by a passing police patrol using a simple key fob.

Citysafe with other Liverpool South partners piloted the mobile 'mosquito' and the results of the trial have proven very positive. ASB is of national concern to the government and the public, even short-term results can have a reassuring impact upon repeat victims. The winning team of officers were from Speke, Cressington and Garston neighbourhood. They included Inspector Ian Mason, Sergeant Alan Thompson and Constables Andrew McNamee and Phil Hankin and Constable Ian Thompson of Citysafe.

The innovations showcased at the event were wide ranging and varied. They ranged from surveillance cameras hidden in car seats, spy drones, crime reduction initiatives, ideas to improve customer service and performance as well as including youth diversionary programmes and tactics. A summary of all the innovations showcased can be seen on the ASCU pages of Merlin.

Our Mosquitos

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  • SHAUN MORRIS, Security Manager Northern Property, Yellowknife, NT

    The Mosquito works great for us, Our problem with panhandlers & homeless people hanging out has dramatically improved since we installed the mosquito.

    We left it on full time during business hours for the first few weeks and after that we were able to turn it off and just use it periodically as needed.

  • Carmen Ramirez, Park Avenue Enterprises LLC, New York, NY

    "It was amazing! Immediately the Mosquito effectively cleared out the loitering teens from the troubled area without hassle or confrontation."

  • Wade Rohloff, Graphic Safety, Hobbs, NM

    "The mosquito worked perfectly last night. I got it hooked up just in time for some kids to show up and make a lot of noise. After I turned it on they began complaining and left shortly thereafter. This thing is amazing."

  • Sarah Ward, PC 1623

    "Regarding the Mosquito apparatus that we have recently been using in our area, this is just a note to say that we have been extremely pleased with it.

    We have also had a positive reaction regarding its use from members of the public. In short, it has been an all-round success."

  • Lincolnshire Police

    "It is still presently sited at an old folks complex and is giving them a long awaited respite from ASB."

    Colin Hill PC 879
    Lincolnshire Police
    ASB Officer - South Holland District Council

  • David Meade, Millennium Place Primary Condominium, Boston, MA

    "The Mosquito has been effective. It has been implemented with other low echelon security measures and the results have been absolutely amazing. If the comparison prior to the mosquito install is made to present, we have seen a 95% to 98% decrease in activity and incidents in the stairwell."

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